9-year-old with terminal cancer asks for cards to celebrate last Christmas

This is a Christmas gift we can all get behind.

Christmas is so many children’s favorite holiday, and that doesn’t exclude 9-year-old Jacob Thompson, who is fighting cancer at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine.

Thompson’s doctors told his mother that he only had a month to live, so Jacob’s family had began asking people around Facebook to send him in cards so he can celebrate his last Christmas early.

Soon after, Thompson received 100 cards.

“It really showed him that the world is good and that there are a lot of people thinking of him,” mom Michelle Simard told ABC News. “He’s been getting some handmade cards from other children on the floor and slowly getting stuff from the public. He’s been very smiley. It’s really lit up his face to see everybody’s support.”

Jacob had been diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma in February 2014 at the age of five years old.

In October, Jacob as moved into hospice care.

“We were speaking with the medical doctors about if we had time [with him] for the holidays and what the plan was,” Simard said. “The idea came about — ‘Why don’t we bring the holidays to us?’ This way, we know it’s going to happen and give our family time with him for Christmas.”

Not to long after asking for Christmas cards, Jacob received not only handmade cards, butelectronic cards and gifts from people in Maine.
If you’d like to send a card to Jacob, please mail to:

Jacob Thompson
C/O Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102

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