Our Secret Language: B-Essery

Here an update. We are creating our very own dictionary. If the people of the old age can do it why can’t we? I am honestly beyond excited. Here how this is going to work. Each week on the dollar store podcast yours truly and Josh Cooper will announce a word that will be placed in a section on our homepage with the definition. After that, I will also be posting my voice about such word and you all can comment and tell us what you think. The word of the week is B-Essery; noun; A long continues thought without a beginning or end. When thoughts are spoken aloud often leave those who hear worried or confused. This word was handcrafted by Josh Cooper from the very depth of his intellect. He’s A Genius!!!!!!!! Nah not really but must admit this is creative on some level. Anywhoo is listening to the word of the week in the Dollar Store Podcast. Until next time bye Doves


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