Music Review: KYGO – Born To Be Yours

When I say I enjoy music, I mean that.

Being in radio, means I have to listen to some form of music throughout my day. From Dua Lipa, to P!NK. Even Nirvana to Calexico. I listen to a lot of music, and I decided to dig around the world wide internet to present you with some new music I stumbled upon.

This week, I stumbled upon two very well known power players in the pop music industry. You may know them from tracks like, “It Ain’t Me,” to tracks like “Thunder.”

Today, however, we travel to something a little bit newer. The song itself is uplifting to myself, but when asked for other opinions, I think we can all agree this should be in the next John Green movie.

Below is the lyric video to the song:

Kygo gained a light in the publics eyes when he remixed a song by Ed Sheeran called, ‘I See Fire.’ The Imagine Dragons got their fame from their song, ‘It’s Time,’ which is also off of their award winning album, ‘Night Visions,’ which includes tracks like ‘Demons,’ ‘Radioactive‘ and more.

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