Michigan: Junk or Visitors?

Ok everyone let’s get real here. Just the other day a Michigan city was hit by what seems to be a meteor.

For those who do not know Michigan otherwise known as the glove state is not natural disaster-pron. The most you may get is below 0 degrees weather in the winter. Which if you grew up in the state or up north you can manage. So imagine my surprise when I am working on a class assignment and out of nowhere, I hear a less dramatic boom. There is a hole in the glove. (–P.S Porche pun attend–)After doing some digging of my own, I found most specialists are saying the meteor didn’t actually hit the ground more as exploded before it made contact. “So we’re talking about finding the Debris Field, and that’s hard to determine.” There are debates as to how the stuff from space made it to Michigan without so much of a warning. Luckily no person was harmed or our government would have a lot more harassment from the public. NASA confirms the meteor camera spotted the event around 8:08 pm. Images of this small ball of light have taken the media by storm with theories of UFOs. Who knows it may be my home planet calling me home. I’m kinda a big deal on Mars. Just playing. But honestly big and unusual events have been setting a trend all over the world as of late. Whats going on????? share your thoughts down below and listen out to our podcast to gather more information.

Farwell Humans.


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