Drinking May Help You Learn A New Language

Need a reason to drink and learn a new language? Well you can…in moderation of course!

According to a new study, drinking can help you speak a foreign language more fluently.

Three European schools took part in this study, and from the looks of it, drinking is on your side. A press release from the University of Liverpool said that, those who drank during the experiment were ranked better on their pronunciation and conversational skills than their sober counterparts.

This survey consisted of 50 German students from the Netherlands who were trying to learn Dutch. Half of the students were asked to drink a set amount of beer, while the others were given a non-alcoholic beverage.

In the end, both groups chatted to native speakers of the Dutch language who ranked¬† their linguistic abilities. Many of the native Dutch speakers said that they hadn’t noticed a difference unless it came to those who had a been…well, drinking!

“Our study shows that acute alcohol consumption may have beneficial effects on the pronunciation of a foreign language in people who recently learned that language.” A Dr. Inge Kersbergen stated at the end of the trial. Kersbergen teaches at the University of Liverpool.

With this being said,

Drink Responsibly!


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