Dogs + Harry Potter = Gryffindogs?

We’ve got two questions for you. One, who doesn’t like dogs, and two, who doesn’t like Harry Potter?

But, what happens when you put the two together? Well, an animal shelter in Florida put some magic into the adoption process of dogs. The Pet Alliance Of Greater Orlando decided to sort their dogs into the houses from the J.K. Rowling book series.

Just like that special Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, the Pet Alliance Staff decided to divide the adoptable dogs into the four houses of, Gryffindogs, Ravenpaw, Hufflefluf and Slobberin. How the dogs went into each house was decided on by the dogs personalities.

Instead of worrying about the dogs’ breeds, potential adopters would arrive at the shelter and read about the dogs’ characteristics from their, “houses.”

“We want people to look at the dog for their behavior and personality and what their talents are,” said Stephen Bardy, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s executive director. “We really wanted people to take a look at dogs for the dogs.”

Brady said that this was just a fun thing to do, especially during the adoption process.


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